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Character of the hermit. | HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE

Higher Secondary English Suggestion 2023

HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE


Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy


Q:- Character of the hermit.

Ans:- In the philosophical piece "Three Questions" by Leo Tolstoy, the hermit is one of the major characters. He was wise, learned as well as widely renowned for his wisdom. The Tsar respected him muchly. He was simple and kind hearted. He always avoided the comforts of life. For him, he only allowed the common folk and shunned the company of the kings as well as powerful people.

     In the story, he lived in the forest away from human habitation. The self supporting hermit didn't depend on any one. He worked hard himself in spite of his weakness.

     He talked little. He believed in self learning. On the questions of the Tsar he helped him to get the answers by self experience instead of telling him. It proved that he was also a good teacher also.

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