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Voice Change | HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE

Higher Secondary English Suggestion 2023

HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE

Voice Change

1.Then I made a mistake.

Ans:- Then a mistake was made by me.

2. My voice startled her.

Ans:- She was startled by my voice.

3. She would place a banana leaf before me.

Ans:- A banana leaf would be placed before me ny her.

4. Few girls can resist flattery.

Ans:- Flattery can be resisted by few girls.

5. Adversity always presents opportunities for introspection.

Ans:- Opportunities for introspection ate always presented by adversity.

6. He possessed great innate wisdom and a true generosity spirit.

Ans:- Great innate wisdom and a true  generosity of spirit were possessed by him.

7. Do you need somebody to go the store?

Ans:- Is somebody needed by you to go to the store?

8. The hermit was digging the ground.

Ans:- The ground was being dug by the hermit.

9. You have already been answered.

Ans:- Someone has already answered you.

10. The hermit lived in a wood which he never quitted.

Ans:- The hermit lived in a wood which was never quitted by him.

11. You don't know me.

Ans:- I am not known to you.

12. My parents were regarded as an ideal couple.

Ans:- People regurded my parents as an ideal couple.

13. You alone can help me.

Ans:- I can be helped by you alone.

14. The boy heard other roamers laughing and talking.

Ans:- Other roamers were heard laughing  and talking  by the boy.

15. Her next question removed my doubts.

Ans:- My doubts were removed by her next question.

16. The carriage wheels changed their sound and rhythm.

Ans:- Their sound and rhythm were changed by the carriage wheels.

17. I inherited my land.

Ans:- My land was was inherited.

18. The humming insects don't disturb his rest.

Ans:- His rest is not disturbed by the humming insects.

19. She heated some lima beans and ham.

Ans:- Some lima beans and ham were heated by her.

20. I asked my father about the relevance of prayer.

Ans:- My father was asked about the relevance of prayer by me.

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