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Higher Secondary English Suggestion 2023

HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE


The Eyes Have It :- by Ruskin Bond


Q:- The character of the girl.

Ans:- The girl co-passengers in the short story "The Eyes Have It" by Ruskin Bond, got into the train at Rahana. Her destination was Saharanpur. We had a very little appearance of her in this story. In the short time of journey, she left a deep impression on the mind of the narrator. A couple, seemed to be her parents came to see her off at the Rahana station. They were very anxious about her comfort. Her mother advised her not to speak to the strangers.

     She is very simple as well as sociable women who can talk freely with the strangers. She exchanged her fascination about the beauty of Mussorrie in October. She can be familiar with her co-passenger. She told the author "gallant young man" when he informed her that she has an interesting face. She has beautiful eyes and she is attractive also.

     She is smart, beautiful and confident woman. Throughout the story, she never gave any chance to the author to discover that she is also blind.

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