Significance of title "THE POETRY OF EARTH". | HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE
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Significance of title "THE POETRY OF EARTH". | HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE

Higher Secondary English Suggestion 2023

HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE


The Poetry of Earth:- John Keats


Q:- Significance of title "THE POETRY OF EARTH".

Ans:- Title is as important as an ornament for any literary piece. According to the poet, the earth is full of poetry which is manifested through its music. That music or song of the earth continues forever. The poet draws a beautiful picture of summer as well as winter in the octave of this sonnet. But the changing weather can't tell upon the music. The grasshopper and the cricket play the important role to carry the music.

     In summer time, the hot sun tries to burn everything, the grasshopper comes and enjoys the weather. The tired birds take shelter in the cool shades. In absence of birds, he takes the lead. He sings the summer song and take rest in the weeds. Thus the earth's music continues.

     In the sestet part of the sonnet, the poet portraits the picture of a bitterly cold evening. In this time like grasshopper, many insects go to hibernation. Then the cricket comes out in such cold as well as cheerless atmosphere. The poet of winter is not afraid of the bitter bites of cold. It is presented as an appreciator of winter which brings warmth. It sings in shrill voice and breaks the icy silence prevailling everywhere. The person, half asleep in drowsiness, hears the song which is seemed to him that the music of earth is never ended as well as dead.

     To present the insects in different seasons, Keats shiws the variety that is created by the nature. The nature has the supreme power, she doesn't allow anything to stop. There is no rivalry between summer and winter as well as the grasshopper and the cricket. The are obviously the main part of the poetry of the same wonderful season cycle. The poetry of the earth is ceasing never. The poetry of the earth is never dead. So the title of the poem is perfectly chosen and appropriate.

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