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Character of Kalam's father./What was Kalam's father's routine in his late sixties. | HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE

Higher Secondary English Suggestion 2023

HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE


Strong Roots by A.P.J Abdul Kalam


Q:- Character of Kalam's father./What was Kalam's father's routine in his late sixties.

Ans:- In his autobiographical sketch "Strong Roots", A.P.J Abdul Kalam portraits the character of his father Jainulabdeen. Though he had neither formal education nor much wealth, he was a man of brilliant personality. He possessed great innate wisdom that made him popular. He had a true generosity of spirit which helped him to overcome difficulties. He was a simple, humble and kind hearted man.

     As a devout Muslim, he started his day by reading Namaz at 4 a.m. before the dawn went to the mosque for the evening prayer. Their locality was predominantly Muslim, but there were a number of Hindu families too. All loved him very much from the core of the heart. The high priest of Rameswaram Temple, Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry was very colse friend of his father. They discussed their spiritual matters with each other.

     When he came out of the mosque after the prayers, people of different religions would be sitting outsides and waiting for him. There are bowls, full of water in their hands. Kalam's father would dip his fingers in them and say a prayer. This water then carried home for invalids. The people also came to thank him after being cured. He always helped and gave advice to others. He was an honest man, ideal father, caring and dutiful husband as well as simple person. He always told people to thank Allah, the merciful.

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