Significance of title./Substance./Role of the wind. - Daybreak - Class 11 English Suggestion 2022

 Class 11 English Suggestion 2022




Q:- Significance of title./Substance./Role of the wind.

Ans:- Title is one of the best things for each and every literary piece. The poet Longfellow portraits a beautiful picture of day-break. The scene of rising sun is a unique sight that announces a new dawn.

     A wind comes out of the sea and asked the mist to make space for him. He starts to blow to the land informing everyone about the coming morning. He hails the ships and cries to sail on. The mariners should go on to the sea. Then the wind comes to the forest and asks to hang all the leafy banners out. Touching the folded wings of the wood-bird, he said to awake and sing. He said to the chanticleer to blow. Reaching to the field of corns, the wind whispers about the coming morn. Then he goes to the belfy tower and tells it to proclaim the hour. Finally the wind's journey ends as he passes through the churchyard.

     The wind is personified here in the poem. As the poem portraits the various activities and atmosphere of the day-break, the title of the poem is fit as well as appropriate.

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