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Significance of Title./Substance. - Meeting at Night - Class 11 English Suggestion 2022

 Class 11 English Suggestion 2022



Meeting at Night

Q. Significance of Title./Substance.

Ans. Title is very much important for any literary piece, as it gives us the glimpses of the subject matter or theme. Our present poem is an excellent dramatic lyric by Robret Browning. It holds a unique place in his works.

     The poem is about the journey of a lover. In one moonlit night, he has a strong desire to his beloved. The moon is yellow, large & low. His beloved lives in a farmhouse far away. To go there, he undertakes the journey in a boat to cross the sea. After a long voyage, he reached to the slushy bank. After crossing a mile of sea scented beach and three fields, he reaches the farmhouse where hus beloved lives. A tap or a scratch on the window pane will do.

     Here his lady love eagerly waits for him for there secret meeting. Then a lighted match announces the girl's permission to enter. Finally the long-cherished meeting between the two were completed. As the word "night" in the tilte tells us the secrecy of the lover's meeting, the title if the poem is appropriate.

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