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Significance of title./Substance./Main theme./ The picture of the valley./The picture of the soldier | HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE

Higher Secondary English Suggestion 2023

HS English Suggestion 2023 WBCHSE


Asleep in the Valley :- by Arthur Rimbaud


Q:- Significance of title./Substance./Main theme./ The picture of the valley./The picture of the soldier.

Ans:- Title is the most important thing for every literary piece. The present poem is originally a Franch poem entitled "Le Dormeur du Val", means "the male sleeper of the valley. "But in the English translation, the title "Asleep in the Valley" doesn't clearly indicate if the sleeper is male or female. But from the content of the poem it is clearly stated that the sleeper is a young soldier.

     In the poem we can see a young soldier lying asleep in the green valley open mouthed with a gentle smile like an innocent's. A silvery slow stram is flowing through the valley. A pillow made of fern is beneath his head. He is sleeping on the warm, green and sun-soaked bed. His feet are among the flowers. There is a deep silence, but the sound of the humming insects is only heard.

     Nature is so kind as well as sympathetic to the tired soldier who is sleeping here. But suddenly we discover two red holes by the side of his body which clearly points out that the young soldier is not sleeping, he is actually dead. He has gone in the world of eternal sleep. He is killed by the name of war. He is a victim of the cruel war. War is nothing but a meaningless massacrer. The poem also depict the futility of war through the poem. War is nothing but the destroyer of the peace. Actually the ironically use of the word "Asleep" in the title, points out to the meaning of death.

As the title of the poem minutely reflects the main theme of the poem, it is highly suggestive as well as justified.


*** এই উত্তরটা থেকে আরও যে প্রশ্নের উত্তরগুলো করা যাবে- Describe the tragedy of war through the picture of the soldier./Discuss poet's attitude towards the war./Describe it as an anti-war poem.

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