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"Siddha vanished into the night."--- explain.

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Leela's Friend

Q:- "Siddha vanished into the night."--- explain.

Ans:- In the short story "Leela's Friend" by R.K. Narayan, we come across with Siddha, the servant boy of Mr. Sivashankar's house. Besides all his duties, he had to look after and play with Leela, the five years old girl of Mr. Sivashankar.

     In one day Siddha went to the market with Leela. But when they returned, Leela's mother informed that Leela's gold chain was missing. She suspected Siddha instantly. When Mr. Sivashankar came, he came to know that Siddha had already escaped. The he informed the police. But Leela wanted Siddha back and to play with him. Leela's mother spent sleepless night.

     Finally all came to know that Siddha was a thief. He was taken to the prison. But after a few day, the chain was found in the tamarind pot. Mr. Sivashankar informed the police about the discovery of the chain, but Siddha was not allowed to continue the job afterword.

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