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"Siddha come and play!"/"Siddha know the moon."--- explain.

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Leela's Friend

Q:- "Siddha come and play!"/"Siddha know the moon."--- explain.

Ans:- Siddha is the servant boy in the house of Mr. Sivashankar. Besides all works, he had to look after his five years old girl Leela and play with her whenever she called. They played throwing the ball to each other. Siddha threw the ball into the sky as per Leela's instruction. When the ball came down in his hand, he told that it had touched the moon. He saw her the little bit of moon was still sticking to that ball. Siddha then tried to show his tricks to prove that he knew the moon. Leela was wondered to see all these as well as eager to tell his mother. She finally claimed-"Siddha know the moon."

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