english grammar practice set for class 10 wbbse with answers
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english grammar practice set for class 10 wbbse with answers

 Madhyamik English Grammar Practice (Indirect Speech)

  • Rewrite each of the following sentences in Indirect Speech: 

(1) She said to me, ‘Are you well’?

Ans: She asked me if I was well.

(2) He said to his sister, ‘Well done’.

Ans: He congratulated his sister for doing well.

(3) He keeps saying, ‘I am very lucky’.

Ans: He keeps saying that he is very lucky.

(4) The chairman said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, welcomed to the meeting’.

Ans: Addressing the ladies and gentlemen, the chairman welcome them to the meeting.

(5) The boy said to his friend, ‘I went to school yesterday’.

Ans: The boy told his friend that he had gone to school the previous day.

(6) ‘Please do not disturb me’, said the lady to the boys.

Ans: The lady requested the boys not to disturb her.

(7) ‘What's your problem’? said the doctor to the patient.

Ans: The doctor asked the patient what his problem was.

(8) I say to my student, ‘speak the truth’.

Ans: I Advised my student to speak the truth.

(9) The girls said, ‘Hurrah! I have on the debate competition’.

Ans: The girl exclaimed in joy that she had on the debate competition.

(10) Mother say to me, ‘do you like to have a cup of tea’? 

Ans: Mother asked me if I liked to have a cup of tea.

(11) ‘Are Cherry seeds lucky’? asked Rakesh.

Ans: Rakesh asked if Cherry seeds were lucky.

(12) She said, ‘let us have some fun’.

Ans: She proposed that they should have some fun.

(13) ‘Climb up, little boy,’ Said the tree.

Ans: The tree encouraged the little boy to climb up.

(14) The passenger said, ‘how far is a station’?

Ans: The passenger asked how far the station was.

(15) ‘How did you get here, child’? asked the man.

Ans: The man asked the child how he had got there.

(16) The doctor said to my mother, ‘take this medicine regularly’.

Ans: The doctor advised my mother to take that medicine regularly.

(17) The teacher said to his students, ‘you must love your motherland’.

Ans: The teacher told his students that they must love their motherland.

(18) The teacher said to the boys, ‘keep quiet’.

Ans: The teacher ordered the boys to keep quiet.

(19) The teacher said, ‘man is Mortal’.

Ans: The teacher said that man is Mortal.

(20) ‘Let's sit down here and talk the matter over’ said Davy to Faraday.

Ans: Davy proposed to Faraday that the food sit down there and talk the matter over.

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