model activity task class 9 english january 2022
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model activity task class 9 english january 2022

2022 Activity Task (January)



Full Marks : 20

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Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow :

     I remember another funny incident about Bhola Grandpa related by my father. It had been a rainy afternoon. Bhola Grandpa, wild with excitement, told my father and his friends that he had seen a gang of pirates. They were buying a large box under one of the sand dunes on the seashore by our village. At once father and his friends started looking for the hidden treasure. Evening passed on to night. Moonlight came in through the clouds. A pack of jackals were howling. It was past midnight. At this point of time, Bhola Grandpa confessed that there was no real treasure. It was all a dream which he had during his midday nap.

     Once Bhola Grandpa had a great adventure in the Sunderbans. In those days Royal Bengal tigers freely roamed the dense jungles of the Sunderbans. People took care to move about only in groups, particularly after sundown.

      One evening, Bhola Grandpa Grandpa was returning from the weekly market. Suddenly at a distance of about five yards behind him, he heard the growl of a Royal Bengal tiger. Bhola Grandpa turned and found the bright gaze of the tiger on his face.

     Bhola Grandpa instantly climbed up a nearby banyan tree. The tiger roared and circled the tree about a hundred times. Then it settled down under a bush without taking its eyes off him. With nightfall, the forest grew dark and silent. Bhola Grandpa could hear the tiger beating its tail on the dry leaves. Hours passed.

Activity 1

Write the correct answers from the given alternatives :

(i) Bhola Grandpa had seen a gang of pirates 

a) at the sea shore

b) in the forest

c) at the river bank

d) in his mid-day nap

Answer : d) in his mid-day nap

(ii) After sunset people used to go out door in groups because of 

a) robbers

b) snakes

c) Royal Bengal Tigers

d) pirates

Answer : c) Royal Bengal Tigers

(iii) On seeing the tiger Bhola Grandpa climbed up the

a) neem tree

b) banyan tree

c) mango tree

d) banana tree

Answer : b) banyan tree

Activity 2

Answer the following questions :

a) What were the pirates doing when Bhola Grandpa saw them?

Answer : The pirates were burying a large box under one of the sand dunes on the seashore of his village when Bhola Grandpa saw them.

b) Why did people move in groups. particularly after sundown?

Answer : In those days Royal Bengal Tigers freely roamed the dense forests of the Sundarbans. For that people moved in groups particularly after sundown.

Activity 3

Change the mode of narration of the following sentences :

a) Raka said to her sister. "Will you go to the library tomorrow?"

Answer : Raka asked her sister if she would go to the library the next day.

b) Mr. Roy says, "My nephew is very good at sports."

Answer : Mr. Roy says that his nephew is very good at sports.

c) My grandmother said to me, "May you live long."

Answer : My grandmother wished me that I might live long.

Activity 4

Write a story (in about 100 words) using the following hints. Add a suitable title to the story.

Hints : art competition - partcipants include three artists - one draws a bunch of flowers, another some fruits, third draws a curtain - bees sit on the flowers - birds come to eat fruits - curtain deceives the judges - third artist wins the prize.

Answer :

Three Artists

     Once there was three artists. They lived in a city. They were all skilled artist. They held a competition to decide who was the best artist among them. There was a prize declared for the winner. The judge was also appointed for this purpose.

     Competition started. One of them artisted  flower. Second of them painted a fruit. Last of them painted a picture of curtain. During the observation they found the flower so natural that a bee sat on for honey. Fruit was also so natural that an ox tried to eat it. The judge praised all these things. Then he went and saw the curtain. It was so real that he tried to move it to enter the room. Flower deceived the insect. Fruit deceived the beast but the curtain deceived an intellectual man like him. Thus the third artist won the prize. 

অন্যান্য অ্যাক্টিভিটি পেতে ঃ এইখানে ক্লিক করুন

পিডিএফ পেতে ঃ এইখানে ক্লিক করুন  

একটি মন্তব্য পোস্ট করুন

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