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[2ND SERIES] Class 3 English Activity Task 2021 Part 5 Question with Answer - তৃতীয় শ্রেণি ইংরেজি অ্যাক্টিভিটি টাস্ক ২০২১ পর্ব ৫ (দ্বিতীয় সিরিজ) প্রশ্ন ও উত্তরসহ





Read the passage and answer the questions that follow :

     Once upon a time, three fishes lived in a lake. They were very close friends. All three of them were very different from one another.

     The first one believed in fate. He thought what had to happen would happen. The second one was intelligent. He thought he knew how to solve a problem with his intelligence. The third one was the wise one. He thought long before taking any action.

Activity 1

Write 'T' for True and 'F' for False against the statements in the boxes given below :

a) There were three fishes.

Answer : T

b) The fishes lived in a river.

Answer : F

c) The fishes hated one another.

Answer : F

Activity 2

Answer the following questions :

a) Which fish was intelligent?

Answer : The Second fish was intelligent.

b) What did the third fish do before taking an action?

Answer : The third fish thought long before taking any action.

c) What did the first fish think?

Answer : The first fish thought what had to happen would happen.

Activity 3

Fill in the blanks with appropriate action words from the list :

a) Rubina _________ bread with a knife.

Answer : Rubina cuts bread with a knife.

b) The Earth ________ light from the Sun.

Answer : The Earth gets light from the Sun.

c) Lion __________ flesh.

Answer : Lion eats flesh.

[List : gets, eats, cuts]

Activity 4

Write five sentences about the importance of Water.

Answer : (1) Water is very important to everyone.

(2) There is no life without water on earth.

(3) water is needed for cooking, drinking, washing, cleaning etc.

(4) water is useful to grow plants.

(5) Trees and Plants make their food with the help of water.

অন্যান্য অ্যাক্টিভিটি টাস্ক পেতে ঃ এইখানে ক্লিক করুন

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