New Syllabus Madhyamik English 2023 Suggestion Download PDF WBBSE (Correct Alternatives)
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New Syllabus Madhyamik English 2023 Suggestion Download PDF WBBSE (Correct Alternatives)

Madhyamik English 2023 Suggestion

Write the correct alternatives to fill in the blanks:

(1) Today India _______ (has been/ will be/ is) independence but once India was under British rule. The people of India did not _______ (like/ liked/ likes) to remain in bondage. So some among them started _______ (organized/ organizing/ to have organized) revolt against the British Administration by collecting arms. The British rules _______ (discover/ would discover/ discovered) this and Sent soldiers to _______ (seize/ seized/seizing) them arms. The freedom fighters ______ (putted/ put/ putting) up shiff resistance.

Ans: is, like, organizing, discovered, seize, put

(2) Three boys _______ (injure/ was killed/ were killed) when the car they _______ (travel/ travelled/ were travelling) collided with a bus. This _______ (occur/occurs/occurred) last evening is Kestopur area.

Ans: were killed, were travelling, occurred.

(3) People who _______ (live/ have lived/ were living) in cities and towns _______ (do/ does/ did) not think that they _______ (have/ had/ will have) any connection with forests.

Ans: live, do, have.

(4) I _______ (start/ started was starting) a school in Bengal when I _______ (am/ was/ were) nearing 40. Certainly this was never expected of me, who _______ (spen/ spent/ had spent) the greater portion of life in writing, chiefly verses.

Ans: started, was, had spent.

(5) ‘Selfie’ _______ (is/are/was) the latest technological tool to _______ (show/ showed/ had shown) to the world how one _______ (rubs/ rubbed/ was rubbing) with eminent personalities.

Ans: is, show, rubs.

(6) The teacher _______ (inspects /inspected/ was inspecting) the home lessons. To Swami’s thinking, this _______ (is/ are/ was) the time when Samuel _______ (gets/ got/ was getting) most angry.

Ans: was inspecting, was, got.

(7) Every year the test examination _______ (is held/ was held/ will be held) in the month of November. The gap between the test and the final examination _______ (is/ was/ are) more than 3 months. Students _______ (utilise/utilizes/utilized) this period for preparation.

Ans: is held, is, utilize.

(8) Vivekananda _______ (is born/ born/ was born) in India. He _______ (was/ had been/ were) a genius with a great knowledge in Indian philosophy. He _______ (is remembered/ was remembered/ had remembered) by all Indians.

Ans: was born, was, is remembered.

(9) When I _______ (find/ found/ had found) the old man he _______ (sleeps/ was sleeping/ had slept). I was surprised because he never _______ (sleeps/ slept/ was sleeping) in the day time.

Ans: found, was sleeping, slept.

(10) After the performance ______ (is/ was/ were) over, all the actors _______ (come/ came/ had come) out and stood before the screen. The audience started clapping. The lights ________ (focus/ was focused/ were focused) on them.

Ans: was, came, were focused.

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