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Madhyamik English - Fable - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Madhyamik English


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Comprehension exercises

1. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences :

(a) The was between the mountain and the 

(i) rabbit

(ii) rat

(iii) cat

(iv) squirrel

Ans : (iv) squirrel

(b) Bun has no doubt that the mountain is

(i) small

(ii) big

(iii) noble

(iv) kind

Ans : (ii) big

(c) Unlike a mountain, a squirrel can crack a

(i) nut

(ii) joke

(iii) stone

(iv) lock

Ans : (i) nut

2. State whether the following statements are True or False. Provide sentences/phrases/words in support of your answer :

(a) The mountain called the squirrel "Little Bun". False

S S : And the former called the latter 'Little Prig".

(b) The squirrel is sprier than the mountain. True

S S : You are not so small as I, And not half so spry.

(c) The mountain can carry forests on its back. True

S S : If I cannot carry forests on my back,/Neither can you crack a nut.

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3. Answer the following questions :

(a) Who had a quarrel with the squirrel?

Ans : The mountain had a quarrel with the squirrel.

(b) What is not a disgrace to the squirrel?

Ans : Occupying his place is not a disgrace to the squirrel.

(c) What is it that the squirrel doesn't deny?

Ans : The squirrel does not deny that the mountain makes a pretty squirrel track.

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