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Class 6 English Model Activity Compilation / Class 6 Model Activity Task Part 8 English Marks 50


Class VI

Full Marks - 50

1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

     He caught hold of a little net and dipped it into the water. He brought the little doll out. But she slipped out and fell on the table banging her head.

     She began to cry. Up came a policeman doll and said fiercely, "What are you doing , catching the doll and making her bump her head like that?

     "I was saving her from drowning!" said Tuffy.

A. Tick the correct answer in the given boxes :

(i) Tuffy saved the doll with a 

(a) stick

(b) net

(c) rope

Answer : (b) net

(ii) The girl fell on the 

(a) floor

(b) chair

(c) table

Answer : (c) table

(iii) The policeman doll came when the girl

(a) cried

(b) fell

(c) screamed

Answer : (a) cried

B. Fill in the chart with information from the given passage :




Tuffy dipped the net into the water.

(ii)The little doll fell on to the table.



The policeman doll talked fiercely.

Answer : 



(i) He wanted to save the little doll from drowning.

Tuffy dipped the net into the water.

(ii)The little doll fell on to the table.

Her head banged to the table and she began to cry.

(iii) Tuffy cought the little doll in a net and fell on to the table banging her head.

The policeman doll talked fiercely.

2. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below :

Once upon a time there lived a boy, named Tatai. His father, Mr. Chowdhury, worked at the nearby coal-mine. Everyday Tatai used to watch the roadside jewellery shop hardly three yards away from his scratched window pane. It displayed a sparkling diamond necklace in a glass box. One day, a rich old lady stepped out of a cab, bought the beautiful necklace and left the glass box blank. The shopkeeper put some cheap crystal jewellery to fill in the emptiness of the box.

A. Fill in the table with information from the passage :


Did what



(ii)The rich old lady


(iii)The shopkeeper


Answer : 


Did what


Used to watch the roadside jewellery shop.

(ii)The rich old lady

Stepped out of a cab, bought the beautiful necklace.

(iii)The shopkeeper

Put some cheap crystal jewellery to fill in the emptiness of the box.

B. Answer the following questions :

(i) What was the occupation of Tatai's father?

Answer : Tatai's father worked at the nearby coal mine.

(ii) How far was the jewellery shop from his house?

Answer : The jewellery shop was hardly 3 yards away from Tatai's house.

3. Fill in the blanks with verbs in agreement with the subject :

(a) Pepperoni and cheese __________ great on a pizza.

Answer : is

(b) Neither she nor I _________ going to school.

Answer : am

(c) The Director and Producer of the film __________ giving an interview.

Answer : is

4. Identify the Assertive, Imperative, Optative, Exclamatory and Interrogative sentences:

(a) Hurray! We have won the match.

Ans: Exclamatory Sentence

(b) What is your name?

Ans: Interrogative Sentence

(c) Neeraj Chopra won gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

Ans: Assertive Senate

(d) Open the door.

Ans: Imperative Sentence

(e) May God bless you.

Ans: Optative Sentence

5. Classify the underlined words of the given sentences in the correct columns. One is done for you :

(i) Sugar is sweet.

(ii) This is my book.

(iii) You should carry an umbrella while going out.

(iv) My mother has long hair.

(v) Give me a glass of water.

Countable noun








Answer : 

Countable noun


(i)                Book

(a) Sugar

(ii)               Umbrella

(b) Hair

(iii)             Glass

(c) Water

6. Add Prefixes to the words given below and make opposites:

respect, comfortable, fortune, mature, literate


Respect - Disrespect

Comfortable - Uncomfortable

Fortune - Misfortune

Mature - Immature

Literate - Illiterate

7. Make sentences with the following words :

(i) Despair : A few positive words can turn despair into hope.

(ii) Sturdy : That chair doesn't look very sturdy. 

(iii) Drowning : He saved the boy from drowning.


8. Suppose you had been to Murshidabad with your parents. Write a paragraph (in about 60 words) about your experience in the historical place. You may use the following hints :

Hints : how you went there - mode of transport - historical sites you visited - description of what you saw - your feeling.

Answer :

My visit to a historical place

Last December I went to Murshidabad with my parents. Father hired a taxi for that journey. Reaching Murshidabad we hired a cab-horse and visited some historical places, like, Jafar Ganze palace, Katra mosque, Motijhil palace,Khusbag. Hazarduari was a treat to the eyes. it is an art gallery and a museum. Here we saw the sword of Siraj, many royal articles and old paintings. I was simply thrilled. While returning the sweet and sad memories of Murshidabad began to flash upon my inward eye.

9. Develop a story (in about 60 words) using the following outlines. Add a suitable

to your story :

Outline : dog with piece of meat in mouth — crosses a river bridge — sees his shadow — thinks another dog, barks — meat falls into the river

Answer : 

The Dog and The Shadow

A Dog was carrying a piece of meat in his mouth to eat it in peace at home. On his way he had to cross a bridge across a brook. As he crossed, he looked down and saw his own reflection in the water. Thinking it was another dog with another piece of meat, he made up his mind to have that also. So he made a snap at the shadow in the water, but as he opened his mouth the piece of meat fell out, dropped into the water and was lost.

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