Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestion 2023 (Phrasal Verbs)
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Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestion 2023 (Phrasal Verbs)

 Madhyamik English Grammar Suggestion 2023

Phrasal Verbs : 

Understand = make out                      

met = came across

appear = turm up                             

withdrawa = call off

resembles = takes after                      

starts = sets in

closes = breaks up                            

published = brought out

tolerate = bear with                           

continued = kept on

died = passed away                           

recover = come round

chased = ran after                             

change = give up                 

forcibly entered = broke into                

surrendered = gave in

rejected = turned down                        

overcome = get over

quarrelled = fell out                            

erupted = broke out

arrive = turn up                                 

distributed = gave away

found = came across                           

established = running after

removed = set up                               

failed = took off

reared = fell through                           

abolished = brought up

in search = looking for                         

causes harm = tells upon

examining = looking into                      

obey = carry out

postpone = put off                              

be cured = come round

extracted = taken out                           

omitted = left out

escaped = ran away                             

prepare = make up

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