মাধ্যমিক বাংলা বঙ্গানুবাদ ২০২২
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মাধ্যমিক বাংলা বঙ্গানুবাদ ২০২২

 মাধ্যমিক বাংলা বঙ্গানুবাদ সাজেশন 2021

** Honesty is a great virtue. If you do not deceive others, if you do not tell a lie, if you are strictly just and fair in your dealings with others, you are an honest man. Honesty is the best policy. No one can prosper in life if he is not honest.

** One day a dog stole a piece of meat from a butcher shop. He was crossing over a bridge. Suddenly, he saw his own shadow in the water. He thought that there was another dog and he had a bigger piece of meat.

** One morning monk went out to beg for food. He met a farmer and asked for some alms. But the farmer refused to help him saying, '' I plough my field, sow the seeds and gather the grain. Thus it is only by working hard that I get my livelihood. But how can you obtain yours, since you neither be plough nor sow?"

** Once two friends started on a travel. They way lay through a forest. As they came half way through the forest a bear was seen slowly approaching them. One of them climbed up a tree. The other did not know how to Climb a Tree and lay flat on his face without breathing.

** Once on a Summer Day a poor cap seller was going to a fair for selling caps. Being tired he sat under the shade of a tree leaving behind him his basket containing caps. The gentle Breeze made him Drowsy and soon he fell asleep. After a while he suddenly woke up and was surprised to find that there was no a single cat left in the basket. Then he began to cry. 

** Man is a social animal. He cannot live alone. No person can be happy without having sincere friends. But selfish person fail to make real friendship. Because to get love you must give love in returns.

** Newspaper reading has become an essential part of our life. As we get up in the morning. We wait energy for the daily paper. Twentieth century was an age of newspapers. Through newspapers we gather information about different countries of the world.

** Once there was a beautiful princess. When her mother died the king married another lady who had a magic mirror. The mirror side queen! You are beautiful but the princess is more beautiful than you.


** There once to friends a lion and a bear. One day they went out in search of food. They were very lucky to find out a death Deer laying in the forest. They are selfish friends. 

** Once to woman were quarelling about the claim of the child. They went to the judge for justice. The judge called the executioner and ordered "cut the child into two halves and give on half to each of the women". One of the woman when she heard the order remained silent, but the other woman begin to weep. 

** Home is the first school where the child Learns his first lesson. He sees hears and begins to learn at home. It is home that builds his character. In a good home on honest and healthy men are made।.

** There was a Shepherd boy. Everyday he would go up the hill to Grace the Sheep hard. One day just to have fun he shouted "help help!!" . Down the hill the farmers working in their field. They heard his cry for help and at once rushed to the boy. 

** We should try to prosper in life. But we should not give up our sense of morality. If we compromise with these honesty it would be difficult for us to respect ourselves. So it is important to choose the right way.

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মাধ্যমিক বঙ্গানুবাদ সাজেশন 2021

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